Thursday, 23 June 2016

I'm a magpie, you're a magpie, we're all magpies!

Magpies are funny birds. They seriously love, bright shiny objects. They love them so much, that they aren't averse to a little bit of pilfering when they find something they like! It occurred to me the other day that a lot of us are like magpies. I'll explain what I mean. In life there are always 'bright, shiny things' around us. Job opportunities, business ideas, people we meet and sometimes, even an unexpected windfall. Rather than check to see whether these things are a good fit for us and align with our purpose, we dive straight in, trying to take advantage of whatever it is.  If we took the time to look at things carefully, we might find that although we could take those things and succeed, with a bit of effort, there is actually a better way.  We could connect whatever opportunity it is, with someone for whom it is a great fit already.The question is: why do we do try to do everything that comes our way? Because actually, most of us are a bit selfish. We don't see why we should miss out on great opportunities, by giving them to someone else (or is that just me?) I saw a great piece of art a few weeks ago, by an up and coming young artist.  I could have tried to strategise about how to take advantage of this young man's talent, but luckily I recognised that this was an opportunity to act as a connector and not a magpie. So, I introduced him to an interior designer and they are getting along splendidly.
Behaving like a magpie, when you should be a connector is a bit like grabbing all the best stuff in the sale, even though it doesn't fit- very bad form indeed!

Why does this even matter, I hear some of you ask? Because in my view, life is way simpler when you live it on purpose. Sometimes, it feels like my inbox is trying to kill me.  When that happens, I've learned to let good sense kick in and re-calibrate me.  I remind myself that no matter how interesting something looks, if it doesn't align with my purpose, then at best it's a distraction and at worst a major detour.  
These are interesting times in Nigeria at the moment, requiring some serious resilience and an ability to laugh in the face of tomatoes that are like gold at the moment! In my opinion, the most resilient people are going to be the ones who are able to realign and readjust themselves to the current reality and stay focused on their purpose. Whilst there are doom and gloom stories everywhere, there are also opportunities for the courageous visionary. Understanding when to be a magpie and when to connect someone else to an opportunity, is a valuable skill right now and not for the fainthearted.

So there you have it, my explanation of how we can all be magpies at times. That said, I have a few questions for you: do you know your purpose? Are you living it out? Would you like some help, navigating life right now? If your answer to the last question is yes, then contact us through the website or call on +234 706 335 0864 and let's get started.

Until next time, go well.

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