Friday, 26 February 2016

...What's the meaning? What's the meaning of life?...

I never realised how much I see my life in terms of the music that I love, until I looked back at some of my old posts. The title of this week's piece is from a Soul II Soul 90's classic and it just seemed so appropriate at this time. It's still quite early in the new year and people are still trying to work out what they are about this year. Do I continue on the path I set sometime back or do I forge a new path? What do I stand for? What should I be doing with my life? are just some of the questions I hear people asking.  I came across a phrase earlier last week, that made me stop and go "hmmm". I'd like to share it with you and hear what you think, so be sure to carry on the conversation by commenting.

"Money never replaces purpose" is the phrase. When I first heard it, my first instinct was to rephrase it to say "money should never replace purpose" or "money can never replace purpose". The thing is though, that no matter how it's phrased, it is deep. I'm sure we all know at least one person who is working a 9-5 gig that is not satisfying in any way and certainly doesn't inspire them. I think of the people I know who are living with a dream deferred, planning to start their real life, sometime in the future and I think what a waste!  Lest you think I am judging them (I can assure you I'm not), I understand that there is a reality that people are dealing with. There's rent to be paid and bills to be settled. When you think of it like that, you can understand why people are not living "in purpose" (forgive the grammar). So, I can hear some of you asking: what do we do when we know we are not living our lives in purpose? I don't pretend to have a perfect answer but the next point is my attempt at answering that question.

"Find your calling, what you were created to do". I realise that this is a theme that I keep returning to but it's so important that it bears constant repeating. Life is so short, that to never discover your purpose is like being given a beautiful present that you don't unwrap. Even if we're not flowing in our calling, most of us know what it is. We know that thing that makes us feel so alive that we lose track of time. The issue is that most of us take an 'all or nothing' approach. We decide that if we can't earn a living from our passion then we won't engage with it all. I think that shortchanges us. My suggestion? Find a way to express your calling, no matter how small. Volunteer; start a group, write a blog. Whatever it is, your gift is too important to keep to yourself. It may start as a side gig and remain a side gig. It may turn into your main gig. The important thing is to share your gift. However it turns out, your life can only be enriched by using your gift.
Lastly, "the purpose of a thing determines it's form". A teapot is meant to hold and pour tea. That's why it has a spout and a handle. Imagine if it had 2 handles instead of a spout? With the best will in the world it could never fulfill its purpose.  That's exactly how it is with us. We are uniquely designed and put together to fulfill our purpose. No two of us are alike and there's a reason for that. We are meant to birth our dreams in our own unique way. What happens to a lot of us is that we try to emulate other people, ignoring our wiring and our passion. All that leads to is a lot of frustration as teapots try to act like buckets. They both hold liquid, but their form is different because they have a different purpose!  When I spoke about my life's journey to a group of young people, someone told me that "all who wander are not lost". I have tried my hand at a few different things in my life and whilst I have enjoyed my journey along the way, working as a coach feels like I've finally come home to myself.  There is a peace and contentment on the inside of me that I have found the place where I can be completely and authentically myself.  Who knew that all the things I thought made me weird are the exact things I need to be a good coach?

So, enough about me. It's over to you now. Do you think that money never replaces purpose? Are you living your life in purpose? What's stopping you from pursuing your calling? Are you embracing your uniqueness and how it helps you to live out your purpose? I hope I've given you some food for thought. If you'd like some help answering any of these questions, contact us on +234 706 335 0864 or through the website.

As I said earlier, I'd really love to hear from you, so let's keep the conversation going through your comments.

Until next time, go well.


  1. Wow! Perfect timing as usual :)... What if you wake up one morning with your purpose written clearly for your mind's eye to see, and then thirteen months down the line, you have another epiphany that reveals another purpose? How does one start to find the optimal confluence of purposes?

  2. Yaay, the conversation has started. What I would ask first of all is whether it's really a new/ different purpose? Is it possible that it's a clarification or re-framing that is designed to help you along the way?


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