Tuesday, 17 November 2015

"...sounds like a plan Stan..."

Those who know me, know that I am a bit of an order freak (okay, a lot!). I like things to be just so. How I pack my shopping, how I arrange my cupboards and even how I hang my washing out (now I've written it down, it seems a bit weird-hey ho).
Anyway, you can imagine how I'm feeling right now, not having achieved my goals for the year. I can't believe it's November already; actually I don't want it to be November on account of said failure to reach my goals. On reflection though, I'm still working on 2 of them, so that makes them works in progress.

This week's post is about what you do, when you miss the mark you set for yourself. For those of you who think I have some fantastic new piece of advice, sorry, this isn't it. For those of you who need to gain some perspective, grab yourself a cup of coffee, kick back and read on.

My first piece of advice? Don't wallow. You know that "woe is me, it's all gone catastrophically wrong" feeling? Allow yourself to feel it, but don't wallow. Really, what does a good wallow achieve, except fill you with misery and make you lose perspective? Back in my single days, on occasion I used to have a moment of pure panic that I would remain single for ever. My favourite wallow moment? That I would die old and alone, with cats eating my face off!  Well, firstly I wasn't actually alone. I had great friends and family (still do). Secondly, I don't do plants, let alone pets, so the chances of having enough cats to eat my face off were slim to none really! What set me off on that bizarre flight of fancy? Wallowing. I wallowed and lost perspective in a big way.  If you haven't reached your goals for this year, keep calm and follow my next bit of advice, which is:

"Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again". I don't know if the phrase follows the action or the other way round, but have you noticed that's what we literally do, when we fall.  When I was learning to ski (you can read about that adventure here) I was petrified of falling. I spent a good part of my lesson trying to avoid exactly that. Of course, as you can imagine, I fell. Not some gentle, ladylike swoon either. More of a great crashing, "oh my goodness, this is going to hurt" kind of a fall. The interesting thing though was that it was nowhere near as bad as I had feared. Admittedly, the sight of my 4 year old laughing like a drain, bruised my pride, but that's kids for you. Once it was done, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and got back on those wretched skis! The point is, you only really fail when you give up. If you get back up, the fall is just a learning experience that shows you what to avoid next time. And that leads me neatly to my last point:

Figure out what went wrong this year and plan how to do things differently next year.  At this time of the year, motivational speakers and books are doing a roaring trade. They are both chock full of handy tips and techniques to help us succeed next year.  Here's the thing though, when it comes to planning, there's no one size fits all.  What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa. If you're a mix and match kind of a girl, then following a regimented 10 step success plan is not likely to work for you. If like me, you view a recipe as a loose approximation of what might happen when you combine these ingredients, then again, a regimented approach is not going to cut it. You see where I'm going with this right? At the end of the day, what counts is that you take stock, see where things went awry and make sure your plans deal with those issues.

That's me done for this week. I'm off to follow my own advice. Would you like some help coming up with a plan that works for you? Then give us a call on +234 706 335 0864 or drop us a line at the website. Remember that nothing we experience is ever wasted.

Until next time, go well.